Just Get Me Shipping Ltd - Terms & Conditions


Terms and conditions of shipment:

  • Confirmation and payment will be deemed as agreement of terms and conditions.

  • Estimates are based on provided weights and measures and current courier rates. Quotes may need to be increased if inaccurate weights and dimensions are provided. Quotes may need to be altered in line with changes implemented by courier services.

  • Clients must provide up to date contact information, namely a phone number and email, both which are regularly checked. Any other useful information to aid smooth delivery is appreciated.

  • We aim to collect and dispatch packages within 3-7 working days of receiving payment. Extra charges will be added if priority shipping is needed.

  • JGM takes no responsibility for the condition of the freight prior to shipping. Issues of quality, age, provenance etc. are contractual matters between the buyer and seller of the item(s) in question.

  • Clients wishing to send uninsured or insured but through a 3rd party of their choice, do so entirely at their own risk. Clients may be asked to sign and return an insurance waiver at the discretion of the management.

  • Unless otherwise agreed, service does not include any potential brokerage charges or import tax. Please check with your national customs officials for further information.

  • JGM staff aim to keep their industry knowledge as up to date as possible. However it is the responsibility of the client to anticipate import taxes, import restrictions and other customs issues. We are happy to discuss any import concerns you may have.

  • JGM will not take on any unlawful action on behalf of any client. JGM will refuse any request to falsify goods value, make false declarations of content or ship restricted items without official permission or attempt shipment of banned and/or illicit items. Illegal requests may be passed on to the proper authorities at our discretion.

  • JGM takes no direct responsibility for the actions of other parties or acts of god. This includes but is not limited to delays caused by severe weather conditions and/or the actions of customs officials.

  • JGM retains the right to refuse insurance cover for packages destined for high risk areas. For Consignments sent to Russia will be entirely at the risk of the client.

  • If a receiver/client fails to provide information to customs, rejects the package or provides incorrect contact/delivery information; JGM cannot be held liable for the return of a shipment and may hold the receiver liable for additional charges incurred in the return of the freight.

  • For certain bespoke and/or large shipments, JGM may employ the aid of another logistics firm whose terms and conditions may differ from our own, these terms would be discussed prior to any agreement with the client.

  • If an item/package is left with JGM without instruction JGM retains the right to charge storage fees before release of an item and may start doing so after two weeks. If three months elapses without contact, or storage fees exceeds the items values; JGM may claim an item in lieu of payment.

  • Any quote that includes ‘Royal Mail Insurance’ is insurance that is exclusively offered by Royal Mail and not by JGM shipping. In the very rare event of Royal Mail loss or damage, RM should be solely held liable for any loss incurred, however JGM will assist in assisting in any RM insurance claim as much as can reasonably be expected.

  • In the unlikely event of damage of an insured shipment, JGM withholds the right to claim the item in question as JGM property, if a full pay-out is required. A full pay-out request being fulfilled i.e. the full cost of the item being refunded will result in the damaged item(s) becoming JGM property. If an item is damaged but the client wishes to retain the item in their possession, compensation terms will need to be negotiated based on the situation.

  • Unless otherwise agreed, insurance covers the full value of the freight including the auction fees (If applicable). Insurance does not cover cost of transit cost, taxes or brokerage fees.

  • Your personal data and information should be communicated to Just Get Me Shipping Ltd only via our website, emails, telephonically or in person to a member of our team. Just Get Me Shipping Ltd takes no responsibility for personal data or information supplied by you to our clients, carriers, payment agents or software providers. Any changes or correction to your personal data, information or instruction should be made directly to us by any of the above means and not conveyed through any other channel. Just Get Me Shipping Ltd takes no responsibility for any unfulfilled requests submitted by any means than those expressly mentioned above.